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Kevin, Irving, TX

This letter is to thank you for the excellent job done by SPC Roofing Company in replacing the roof on our home that was severely damaged by a catastrophic hail storm. We appreciate not only the fine work done by your roofing crew in replacing the roof and all the various connections through the roof, but also your professionalism in working with our insurance company and our home owners’ associations.

Michael, Decra Roofing Systems

SPC Construction and Roofing is a valued and successful contractor, specializing in DECRA Roofing Systems. As one of the leading installers of DECRA roofing systems in the DFW area, SPC continues to earn rave reviews from satisfied homeowners who have made the decision to upgrade their roof.

SPC has been instrumental in educating homeowners to the hail resistant benefits of DECRA stone coated steel roofing systems and remains a valued contributor to the success of DECRA lightweight, high performance roofing.

James, Coppell TX

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent job your company performed as a result of the recent hail damage to our home. Your personal attention to every detail is often quoted by service organizations but in the case of SPC construction is much more than a slogan.

The effenciency and professionalism displayed by your workers resulted in a complete restoration of the damages to our home in what I believe is record time.

Again thank you for all your attention and I assure you that I will spread the word on just how great our experience has been.

Bill and Susan, Coppell TX

After a recent hailstorm, SPC did a terrific job for us, replacing our roof and gutters, re-staining the fence and deck, and fixing other items such as window screens. The roofing crew that worked on our house was safe, hardworking, and appeared to be very experienced. Our salesman/manager, Josh Graham, did a terrific job presenting the damage to the insurance adjuster on her inspection visit with us. Also, Josh as almost always around when the work was being performed, and always made sure it was performed to our satisfaction.

We’re not getting anything for writing the recommendation. We feel that SPC did much more than was required in order to make sure we were happy, and we want to express our thanks for the extra service they provided.

Pamela, Prosper TX

Thank you very much for the excellent repair work you did on our home after the damaging hail and wind storm this spring. As this was the first time we had experienced anything like this, we were unfamiliar with the scope of the damage not to mention finding a myriad of unfamiliar people at our doorstep wanting to fix it. You were the first one to ring the door bell, but not the last. However, your professional demeanor and good BBB rating sold us on you and your company.

We were not disappointed. You walked us through the process step by step coordinating the work for the various repairs including replacing the roof, gutters, and patio arbor, cleaning and re-staining the fence and replacing the damaged screens. You kept communications open and arrived when you said you would or called ahead with any change in time. Your workmen were courteous, organized, efficient, and cleaned up after the job was done.

It was a pleasure working with you. We would not hesitate a moment to use your company again and would confidently recommend you to others.

Tim, ABC Supply Co., Inc.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Shaw’s Precision Construction (SPC) and Jonathan Shaw owner of SPC. We have had the pleasure to work with Jonathan and his company for the last 4 years dating back to May of 2009. We have had the opportunity over the these years to develop a loyal partnership and hope that we are able to continue that partnership for many more years to come.

SPC is prompt and are currently in good standing with ABC Supply and have taken their credit with us very serious.

I look forward to continuing our professional relationship supplying material to SPC for many more years.

Bud and Liz, Coppell TX

Its not often that I write a letter of thanks or offer to provide a reference for repair or service work involving our house. However, as a result of the professional work that your SPC crew did in replacing our roof, I feel compelled to say thank you for a great job.

If you recall, I sought you out after observing another roof replacement you were doing for one of our neighbors here in the Big Cedar neighborhood of Coppell. A few things impressed me. Supervisors were on the job site at all times; large haul off trucks, vans and equipment were clean and late model oil leaks everywhere! Removed shingles, felt and debris were not allowed to accumulate. The job was completed in 2 days, start to finish.

Even knowing these things, I was still anxious about having my roof replaced along with skylights, screens, window beading, gutters, downspouts, power vents, and some indoor garage painting. This anxiety was primarily because of my prior experiences with 2 roof replacements during the past 16 years at our house. At our first meeting, you reviewed my insurance company’s damage report and pointed out multiple items of damage that the adjuster and my first roofing contractor missed. Our contract was signed on April 29th and work began on May 2 and was completed on May 4th.

These are few of the things that I experienced and appreciated:

The job started and was completed on time.
Shingle removal and debris was not allowed to accumulate.
Care was given to protect my grass.
Larger 5″ downspouts were suggested & included.
Larger capacity power vents were suggested & installed.
Stan (SPC) coordinated & managed all additional repairs/replacements.
Skylight, gutter and paint specialists all showed up on time and were very professional did a great job.
Stan (SPC) personally inspected and finished some final yard, porch, patio & driveway clean-up.
All supplements for additional items were handled and filed with my insurance company by Stan (SPC).
I did not pay one penny more than my original quoted price from SPC.
I was not asked for an up-front deposit or any payment(s) until the job was completed.

Our house is on the market to be sold SPC and Stan took particular interest in making sure that everything was coordinated and completed on schedule; also that our yard, shrubs, plants were protected.

Thanks for taking a personal interest with this project and our concerns. Also, for relieving us of the stress and anxiety usually associated with having a roof replaced. We appreciate everything you and SPC did for us.

Keith, Irving TX

We contacted SPC to replace our roof after a recent hailstorm at the recommendation of a family friend. From the moment we signed the contract they sprung in action and worked directly with our insurance company, submitted the plans to the HOA, pulled the city permits, and delivered a fantastic finished roof system within 2.5 weeks. Mind you, this was a high-grade steel roof replacing a wood shake shingle roof so it was no small project. Our house looks amazing and had no problem recommending them to both our neighbors who also had a great experience.

If you consider SPC to work on your roof, my recommendation would be to choose these guys and don’t look back. SPC is the real deal.

Saundra, Arlington, TX

Recently the SPC Construction and Roofing Company, and Mr. Jonathan Shaw and other representatives, replaced my roof, and organized and did all the needed repairs to my house. Their work and work ethics, their crews who took off and replaced the roof, the others who did the outside repair work, and those who came into my house to repair and paint, were so thorough, so respectful of my home and property that I feel compelled to tell you how pleased I am with this company.