Insurance Claims


Many homeowner’s have never filed an insurance claim and may be unsure of the procedures involved or the extent of their coverage. If you have “replacement cost” in your policy covering damage from hail, then you are entitled to a free inspection and adjustment from your insurance carrier. Storm related damage might not be detected by a casual inspection. There are specific insurance procedures utilized by insurance personnel, as well as professional contractors, to determine claimable damage.

At SPC CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING, our field estimators are schooled in insurance procedures and Haag Engineering criteria, which are designed to determine damage and corresponding coverage. In fact, some of our field estimators are also licensed insurance adjusters and fully understand all aspects of your insurance claim.

Upon agreement, we will handle the entire insurance claim and negotiation process to work on your behalf for a fair and speedy solution to your claimable damages. You are not bound to accept your insurance company’s settlement if it is not in line with the estimates of repair from reputable companies in your area. Please do not hesitate to utilize our years of experience to aid in your claim resolution.